Interested in knowing more about the power station and its construction? Hopefully you can find something useful here then. Click on the photos to enlarge as you read through.

They Know All About Mud At Manapouri

Faced with the biggest and perhaps toughest construction job in New Zealand today, workers on the Manapouri power project contract are learning all about mud, though the job goes steadily forward.

  • Author: Unknown, from the The Weekly News
  • Date: Feb 1964
  • Source: Scanned image of page from The Weekly News.

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Power From Manapouri - Construction Brochure

An in-depth article/brochure on the Manapouri area and the construction of the Manapouri Power Station, released during the early part of the construction.

  • Author: Unknown
  • Date: 1967
  • Source: Reproduced from a PDF photocopy of the brochure (original file 7.8Mb)

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Manapouri Messenger

Official Organ of the Manapouri Newspaper Society.

  • Author: Manapouri Newspaper Society
  • Date: Aug 1967- Feb 1969
  • Source: Scanned copy.

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Souvenir Placemat - Manapouri Motor Inn

We hope your stay in this beautiful part of New Zealand will be a very pleasant one. If you would like any information on the area, please enquire at our reception office for brochures, excursion details and tickets.

  • Author: Unknown, but from the Manapouri Motor Inn
  • Date: 1970 (a guess – give or take some years)
  • Source: Reproduced from an original Souvenir Placement from Ray’s collection.

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The Surveyors Role

The Surveyors Role In Construction – A paper presented to the 86th Annual Conference of the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors – October 1974.

  • Author: Ray Williams
  • Date: October 1974
  • Source: Reproduced from a photocopy of Ray’s typed presentation paper. 15 pages + title and picture at end.

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The power game : the development of the Manapouri-Tiwai Point electro-industrial complex, 1904-1969

A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in History at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

  • Author: Aaron Fox
  • Date: March 2001
  • Source: Link to the PDF photocopy of the thesis at the Otago University Resource Archive

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